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Are you looking excitement and adventure? Escape the daily hustle and bustle at Escaping Rotterdam. Our escape room is for real thrillseekers and brainiacs.

An escape room is an experience that you really have to experience. Even the most peaceful-minded individuals or completely under the spell of the command. Every escape room has its own theme. As soon as the door of the escape room opens you leave everything behind. Focus and solve the tasks and puzzles. Be successfull and work together. Search for clues and divide the tasks well.

Escaping Rotterdam has 4 different Escape Rooms divided over two locations;

Location Parkhaven

Break-In room

The Office is a Break-In-Room. Sneak into the office of shipping magnate Van Beuningen. Look within 60 minutes for the incriminating evidence to prove that you have been scammed by Van Beuningen. Avoid the laser beams and make sure you are not caught. When the alarm sounds, you are caught in the act.

The Engine Room

The bomb is in the engine room of a submarine. Focus and solve the puzzles and tasks properly. That is only possible if you work together with the other crew members. If it does not, then you’ll go under with the ship. Assume the role of a secret agent. Search for clues and divide the tasks.

Location Boezemweg

Dr. Jekyll

Before you can sit down and wait in Dr. Jekyll’s waiting room the assistant will explain the gules of the game to you. Activate your nerves of steel and step confidently step into the waiting room. As soon as you leave the waiting room you will step into the operation room. Something is wrong here. Keep calm and try to survive.

Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde is the alter ego of Dr. Jekyll. Obviously, Hyde is the “bad” person. In the Escape Room Mr. Hyde you will be introduced to this horror doctor in a lugubrious way. Are you strong enough to escape from this nightmare?

This arrangement includes:
  • Introduction
  • Gamemaster
  • Group picture
Duration arrangement:
  • Around 1,5 hours
Terms and Conditions:
  • Partaking in the escape room is possible from 18 years
  • This game can be played with groups up to 16 persons
  • A maximum of 8 people can enter one Escape Room
  • Please be with us 20 minutes prior to the game
  • Groups starting from 17 persons can reserve the Escape Experience
  • For larger groups we will make a rotation planning

This arrangement can easily be expanded. You can choose one of the various combination packages for your outing. When you make a reservation, you can add the activities that you like. If you can’t figure out your arrangement, don’t hesitate to call us, we would love to help.

  • The Engine Room and The Office: Parkhaven 9, across the Euromast (navigation: Parkhaven 20). At the schip ‘De Zwarte Zwaan’ you’ll find our lasertag arena and the escape room of Escaping Rotterdam.
  • Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde: Boezemweg 175 A, 3031 BH Rotterdam

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