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Privacy takes your privacy very serious. Read the following for more information about our privacy policy. is committed to protecting your personal information. By using, you accept to be bound by this privacy policy, which may be amended or modified sometimes without prior notice.

Traffic data (Automatically Generated aInformation)

Traffic data are generated when your computer connects to and are not nearly sufficient to identify you. We may collect the following information: the origin of the connection, IP-address, the type and version of your web browser, the length of the connection, etc. This information can be used for statistical purposes to analyze  the traffic to and at (most and least viewed pages, activity each day and hour, etc.). Traffic data is always processed anonymously.

Personal Information

You do not have to provide us with personally identifiable information to use This only applies if you want to make a reservation or request information. If we receive any personal information, we will collect and process this information in a honest and lawful way. We will never share your personal information with others.

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