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If you are looking for a destination for a successful incentive trip, the choice is easy. Rotterdam is the place to be! Rotterdam inspires, is dynamic and continues developing. Rotterdam is a metropole. Imposing, yet hospitable. A perfect location for relaxing, dazzling incentive trips.

Incentive: [ɪn’sɛntɪf] : incentive|s  something that encourages a person to do something

An incentive trip is a nice way to reward employees. A token of appreciation for their effort. Truly recommendable as well for local companies from Rotterdam that welcome (foreign) business relations. We will show you the city as you would do it yourself! organizes customized incentive trips, that suit the corporate style and the purpose of the incentive trip.  Are you looking for inspiration, relaxation or adventure?

You would like to get to know the city you are visiting for your incentive trip. You don’t want to join a standard program, which could have taken place in any city.

The attractions we represent are unique “Rotterdam” attractions. Even our escape room is inspired by a famous and notorious shipping magnate from Rotterdam. Our programs are compiled with utmost care and passion. Because we are proud of Rotterdam. We unburden companies by organizing complete incentive trips.

So, make sure you put Rotterdam on your list for your next incentive trip!

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